Bonne Fete!

Happy Bastille Day, everyone! Or, as my dear French friends would say if I had any French friends (are you French? Would you like to be my friend?) and sadly do not – bonne fete national!

La Boulange, my favorite French bakery in San Francisco, is giving away lemon cupcakes in honor of Marie Antoinette’s famous declaration, “Let them eat cake!” today, and you’d better believe this GSG will be tropping over there to pick one up.

Do you celebrate Bastille Day? Do tell!

2 thoughts on “Bonne Fete!

  1. Hilary says:

    Sara – thank you so much for visiting!

    I didn’t know they had expanded to Marin – lucky you guys! A soy latte with a pinch of brown sugar is my Friday morning treat these days, and the baristas know it by heart! Do you have a usual?

    PS – love your site! It’s beautiful! Definitely making it a daily stop 🙂


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