Friday Scraps

{Strawberries at Crepe O Chocolat on O’Farrell Street}

. If the one true Gourmet Style Girl existed, she would wear this coat. EM jackets give me the butterflies!

. Madewell’s new Fall Lookbook is out! I’ll be saying yes to this cardi/blazer combo (even if it’s just with a cardi/blazer I already own). Thank you very much for the inspiration!

. Loving the big, sexy librarian glasses trend! Warby Parker and I might have a date come pea coat donning, leaves are falling, I wish I were going back to school time

. For those with a Kate Middleton obsession and a Salma Hayek height problem (she’s barely 5 feet!), the new website A Petite Princess is adorable. Kudos for scouting out trendy and tiny pieces so we can all dress a la duchess. My five foot compatriots and I salute you!

Happy Weekend to you!

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