Bonne Fete!

Happy Bastille Day, everyone! Or, as my dear French friends would say if I had any French friends (are you French? Would you like to be my friend?) and sadly do not – bonne fete national!

La Boulange, my favorite French bakery in San Francisco, is giving away lemon cupcakes in honor of Marie Antoinette’s famous declaration, “Let them eat cake!” today, and you’d better believe this GSG will be tropping over there to pick one up.

Do you celebrate Bastille Day? Do tell!

A Hint of Lemon


Roommate Meredith arranged this gorgeous bouquet of sunflowers on our dining room table last night. It’s so simple to integrate pops of color into your everyday life:

– Painting a chair, dresser, or side table in a warm color. I’ve used Benjamin Moore’s Hawthorne Yellow from the Pottery Barn collection and it adds the perfect glow.

– Filling big bowls with lemons. Not only is it colorful, but centerpieces-cum-garnishes make cocktail hour that much easier!

– An $10 flower arrangement from the local flower shop or farmers market.

– New pillowcases. One day I may advocate for the making of pillows to punch up a room, but until I know how to do that, I advocate you get thee to Castle and Things and pick up one of these beauties prontissimo!

Lemon Curtains

For your consideration:


Do you decorate with yellow?  Would you hang this pretty fabric in your house? We are in desperate need of dining room window coverings at Chez Presidio, and these might just be perfect.

Photo via Pintrest

Yellow Fever

Yellow, to me, connotes sunshiney days, bright energy, and the thrill of something popping and unexpected: a splash of citrus in a cheesy pasta dish, or a splash of gold jewelry shimmering under that crisp white shirt you’ve worn a thousand times.

From the runway, bursting with canary and umber tones, to the bright meyer lemons at the farmers markets in San Francisco, this week is all about yellow. This is one fever I’m hoping to catch!