Mom Tip: Avocado Storage

Courtesy of Roommate Meredith’s mom, a little tip to keep your avocado-based dishes their gorgeous green, on the go, or days later:

“Wrap the dish tightly in plastic wrap, then cover it with foil, then rubber band the rim. The wrap keeps the air out, preventing oxidation of the fruit, and the foil keeps the light out, preventing browning.”

Voila! Thanks, Mom!

2 thoughts on “Mom Tip: Avocado Storage

  1. Joy says:

    Very helpful, thanks! I love avocado and want to introduce it to my son to them but I know he’d balk if he saw the brown color that happens sometimes.
    ps-Here’s another helpful tip. This link called a Mom’s Guide to Caring for Little Teeth ( has helped me find ways to start and develop healthy dental habits in my kids – since we eat a lot of sugar and I don’t want to give it up!! 🙂


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