Staying Adorable in Nature

Camping with a crush, a new boyfriend, or even just your girlfriends, but you’d rather not be the homeliest (or stankiest) lady friend in the tent? Yeah, been there. But without running water, mirrors, showers, and other daily necessities, camping and remaining your normal, charming self can be an uphill battle. A long battle. A battle where nobody showers, and people are scary looking. Similar to the Civil War, I imagine, actually. You remember, that terrifying time before toothpaste was invented? Yes. That time.


Never fear, compatriots! GourmetStyleGirl brings you…The GSG Guide to Staying Adorable While Camping! In All Caps Because It’s Very Important!

1. Think travel size…for everything

Tiny tissues, travel shine gel, twee bottles of lotion…the list (and those .99 bins at Target) go on and on. If you’re only going to be gone for a quick weekend (two nights or fewer), basic travel size items should be sufficient.

Must haves: travel sized hairbrush, tiny Vaseline, toothpaste (nobody wants to fall asleep with s’more in their grillz), sunscreen, and a few Chapsticks with SPF 15 or higher built in.

2. Keep it clean…

Wet wipes, hand sanitizer, facial towelettes and a quick swipe of travel deodorant can work wonders. While not a replacement for a nice hot shower, these four items will at least keep you from both breaking out and stinking up the tent.

I would: Use these facial towelettes, which work perfectly with a few drops of water from your Nalgene. I’m also going to recommend that you use these wet wipes…liberally. Try not to think about it. Instead, just think how great that shower is going to feel when you get home wheeee!

3. Mulitask

If you have to wear make-up (and you really don’t – I promise!), bring the bare essentials and pick products that do double or triple duty.

My faves: This tinted moisturizer that covers, protects, and soothes all in one. I also love this waterproof, non-flaky mascara, and this tinted lip balm, for extra cover and sunscreen.

4. Don’t forget accessories

Not the “going out on the town” kind, but the kind that will keep you from looking like Bigfoot. A cute hat (both to up your adorable quotient and for sun protection), big sunglasses (same reasons), fun ponytail holders, or a chic headband will keep your hair out of your face, your sunscreen out of your hair, and will also help you look groomed and put together, even when you haven’t showered in a few days.

Fail safe look: Slick your hair back into a simple, straight ponytail (think Kim Kardashian, who has definitely mastered the fine art of the pony), add a headband, a dash of lip balm or lipstick if you brought it, sunscreen all over and put on those shades. And maybe a clean tank top. You’re already cuter than you’re giving yourself credit for, I just know it.

5. Stop worrying about how adorable you look

You’re in nature. Nobody actually cares how you look except for you, and with a few more of those bourbon bananas, you won’t care either. Stoke the fire, read a book, go on a hike, strum your guitar. Tell a good ghost story, sit on a log. Look up into the sky and reacquaint yourself with the stars. Remember how beautiful nature is, and how beautiful you are when you’re in it.


3 thoughts on “Staying Adorable in Nature

  1. erynrae says:

    As someone who’s never been camping, yet promised her eagle scout fiance a camping trip as his birthday present, this has been extremely helpful. P.S. I love the Yes To line, so I’m all about those facial towlettes.


  2. Hilary says:


    You can do it! Nathan is also an eagle scout, but I seem to be the one who’s most excited about camping…hmmm…

    XOXO –


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