Desserts en flambé

Nothing tastes better (to me) than that smoky, woodsy campfire smell. And – strangely enough – that extends to desserts. Last week I found this idea for french s’mores, and I knew I had to incorporate it into our camping expedition.

But having the sweet tooth I have, and living in San Francisco – home of Ghirardelli, TCHO, Recchiuti, Guittard – I knew that one type s’mores just wouldn’t cut it. Heck, one type of dessert wouldn’t cut it, which is why we had to have five different desserts and a whole lotta chocolate.

On the menu:

. French S’mores: two LU cookies + a toasted marshmallow

. San Francisco S’mores: Trader Joe’s cinnamon grahams + a Ghirardelli square + a toasted Miette marshmallow

. Regular S’mores: Regular graham crackers + 1/2 Hershey milk chocolate bar + a toasted grocery store marshmallow

. Bourbon bananas

. Spiced apples

Pick one, pick three, pick them all, but by all means, pick something off this list for your next camping trip. You’ll leave a little happier, a little chocolateier, and you might even have that woodsy campfire smell.




. Graham crackers

. Marshmallows

. Hershey’s milk chocolate bars

. LU Petite Ecoliers, in dark chocolate

. Artisan or homemade marshmallows, like these

. Ghirardelli dark chocolate squares with sea salt

. One apple

. One banana

. 1/4 cup spiced rum

. 1/4 cup packed brown sugar



1. Core out the apple and insert the packed brown sugar. Wrap the whole shebang in foil and throw it into the fire.

2. Cut a thin slice into a banana peel (leaving the majority of the peel intact) and slice the fruit into small, coin sized increments. Fill the gaps with bourbon and pieces from the Hershey’s bar. Close the peel and wrap that whole shebang in foil and throw it into the fire.

3. While the apple and banana cook, make your own variation on the s’mores listed above. If you feel really crazy (orrrrr a little drunk) you can mix them all together. I was really enjoying an open faced French s’more with a layer of almond butter, but the other campers did everything from Reese’s PB cups to apple/graham sandwiches. The choice is yours!

4. Finish eating your first s’more (let’s get real – you know you started one) and use tongs to gently pull the fruit out of the fire. Unwrap and let cool for a few minutes before you enjoy.

What are your favorite campfire desserts?


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