Friday Scraps

{New Flats on Tile – at Coleridge Mini Park}

. Loved reading about Jenna Lyons – J. Crew’s uber stylish creative director – in this New York Magazine feature.

. It’s not very nice, but this post about the East Coast earthquake fallout had San Franciscans giggling this week. More earthquake-related hilarity here.

. Still having a Roman Holiday fantasy over here. No big. Portofino Green’s my favorite – what’s yours?

. The five things you need for Fall, according to the NYT.

. Steve Job’s elegant resignation letter. Best wishes, Steve!

. Molly’s post “How we do what we do” really resonated. As a creative person, how do YOU do what you do? I’d love to know!

This weekend is all about running, in preparation for the Disneyland Half Marathon on Labor Day! Hope you have a most wonderful weekend.

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