Back to School


Now that the conservatory is back in session and our first show is almost upon us, I can’t help but have all the old back-to-school excitement. And even though San Francisco is just now starting to have warmer days, there is a crispness to the nights and a slight chill in the air that means the season is about to change.

This time of year, for me, has always been about goal setting: will I move this year? Start a new project? Run a race? Meet someone who will change my life? What do I want to accomplish? In college I used to set goals in categories: academic, social, physical, etc. and it’s actually still a good idea!

So far, I’ve decided my fall goals are to increase my half marathon training, start freelance writing (a little scary!) and re-read my favorite book, Jane Eyre.

What do you want to do this new school year? I’d love to know!

PS – this week is all about going back to school, grown-up style! I’m so excited to share – this week is going to be good!

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4 thoughts on “Back to School

  1. Hits And Fits says:

    It’s interesting that you posted this, because I’ve actually started organizing my personal projects and to-do’s into ‘semester lists’ (which I will share on Hits And Fits soon). Basically, I realized the school schedule always really appealed to me, so I will pursue and try new things for a semester (i.e., playing trumpet), and then re-evaluate at the end and see if I want to carry it over into a second semester, where I also have new projects planned. All this to say, your sentiment about goal-setting resonated with me 🙂

    – Ava

    PS: What is your role with ACT? I’m curious 🙂


  2. Hilary says:

    It totally works, doesn’t it? There’s something about the school schedule that you can’t shake, no matter how old you are.

    I work in development – fundraising, event planning, writing, etc. It’s pretty fun! Do you work in SF as well?


    • Hits And Fits says:

      Um, this is so weird, but I also work in development! I work at a development consulting firm for nonprofits based here in Los Angeles. Been doing it for 3 years (used to be a lawyer) and I love it! I’m originally from SF, so maybe the next time I’m up there for a visit we should get together for coffee. Sounds like we have more than just our love of fashion in common 🙂
      – Ava


      • Hilary says:

        What a strange coincidence! I’d love to have coffee the next time you’re here – it would be so great to meet in person!


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