Apple Dijon Grilled Cheese

Do you trust me?

(Do you remember when Aladdin asks Jasmine that before he takes her on a magic carpet ride, and then they fly off into the arabian night and sing that charming duet and he shows her a whole new world? Yeah? Well this is not quite that, unfortunately. But almost, because this recipe is kind of a whole new world, sandwich wise.)

So, really, do you? Because I have the greatest sandwich recipe – it’s such a great sandwich! – but I know that as soon as I type out the ingredients for this sandwich, you are all going to say, “bleh, no, I do NOT trust you, this sandwich sounds like complete yuck!”

And then I might try to sing to you, a la Aladdin, but mostly I will just be sad for a second, and then I will make this sandwich for you anyway. Because I know you will LOVE this sandwich and I will get to be a kitchen rockstar. And I will also get to be right. My two favorite things.

Similar to the grown-up mac and cheese recipe, this recipe takes a familiar childhood favorite – a grilled cheese sandwich – and makes it infinitely better by adding all sorts of strange and delicious things: apples, dijon mustard, red onions, cinnamon bread, to name a few. Yes, all in the same sandwich. Stop looking at me like that.

It’s a perfect lunch, warm and melty and crunchy, but on a whole new and amazing level. Harness your inner Jasmine. You can do it.



. Two slices of cinnamon raisin swirl bread

. 1/2 tablespoon dijon mustard

. Four thin slices of sharp cheddar cheese

. Four red onion slices

. Two-three thin slices of crisp red apple (I like Honeycrisp or Jazz varieties best)

. Glug of EVOO, for the skillet


1. Glug some EVOO into a flat bottomed skillet and heat it up until it swirls and coats the pan. While it’s heating, move onto #2.

2. Spread the dijon onto one slice of bread. Do not over-dijon. Dijon, like wasabi and horseradish, has a subtle heat rather than a tip of the tongue spiciness, and it will rear up and overpower the other flavors, and possibly come out your nose. It’s a delicate balance, this sandwich. Trust.

3. Layer up your apples, onions and cheddar slices. I like to put the cheese down first so it gets melty and sticks to the bread, but you do how you do for this part. 3. Lay that sammy down in the pan over medium heat and just wait for it. I turn it about halfway through (5-7ish minutes) or until golden brown. Once the sides are both gold and crispy and the cheese is beginning to ooze out the sides, you’re done!

{Please note the melty goodness}

4. Cut on the diagonal like your mom taught you and bite in. You can thank me later.

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