Recess for Adults


Though I look forward to lunchtime with gleeful anticipation, pretty much every day, I’m always a little torn: do I leave my office and eat outside? Do I just work on through and then try to leave a little early (generally a FAIL)? My favorite option is to eat at my desk and then wander the city, taking it all in, but the danger in this is Anthropologie. Or J. Crew. Or the new Madewell store just a five minute walk away from my office.

You see my problem.

So I decided to spend an entire week of lunch hours (or adult recesses, as I have come to think of them) doing something fun and non-shopping related in downtown San Francisco.

I miss recess, where this decision wasn’t a decision: eat the PB&J your mom packed and then hit the monkey bars.

Things to do at recess in downtown San Francisco:

1 . Write down the free days at any museums near your office. The SF MoMA is across the street and my favorite museum in the city. Admission is free the first Tuesday of every month and it’s 60 minutes well spent when you stroll through their open and airy exhibit spaces.

2. Wander down to the Alexander Book Company on 2nd street and read the staff suggestions, browse the outdoor sale cart, and chat with your fellow SF bibliophiles.

3. Picnic in the plaza between the Jewish Contemporary Museum and St. Patrick Church. Chat with the pigeons, hobos and young professionals who gather there to bask in SOMA’s hidden sunny spot.

4. Take a power nap in YBCA Gardens, a lush and rolling knoll in the heart of the city. Just don’t forget to set your cell phone alarm and sleep with the phone near your face. Works every time.

5. Thursday Farmers Markets at the Crocker Galleria. Not only is it the best produce in the city, but you won’t have to go grocery shopping later. And even if you don’t need to shop, chat with the sellers and try whatever they have to offer. I promise, you’ll be back.

What do you do on your adult recess? I’d love to know!

Image sourced from Pinterest, right here

2 thoughts on “Recess for Adults

  1. cruey says:

    there’s also the cartoon art museum on mission, between new montgomery and 3rd. the first tuesday of the month is “pay what you wish” day. 🙂

    there’s a rooftop garden on top of some building on mission and 2nd street. if you can get a seat on one of the benches, it’s a nice place to get a little sun (when it’s out) in the afternoon.

    and if you’re actually missing legit monkey bars, there’s a little park (i think it’s called south park; no relation to the other south park) near the grilled cheese kitchen (yum yum) and jeremy’s ($$) on 2nd street. and they have monkey bars. and a slide!


  2. Hilary says:

    Karyne! I totally DO miss the monkey bars! I will definitely be checking those out.

    Thanks so much for the comment! Excited to see everyone this weekend 🙂



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