Bad. Ass.

So, it turns out, I was right. Not about being the world’s most ill prepared marathoner – there were enough thousands of people behind me that I feel certain I wasn’t the absolute slowest – but the wreck my entire body part. Because whoa dang. My quads are so sore I can barely walk today and I feel like a wobbly toddler going up and down the stairs!

On the upside, I have officially finished a half marathon, and that feels awesome. Knowing you’ve accomplished something big and scary is not only incredibly satisfying, but secretly, you also feel a little badass!

In honor of that feeling, – that kicking butt and taking names feeling – this week we’re talking about badass chicks: profiling some seriously badass ladies, being a badass in the kitchen, what adventurously awesome women wear, and icons in badassery.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to take about 17 Advils. Post-marathon, I feel less badass and more just…bad. Like, in the legs, the toes, my head, and everywhere else.

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