Badass Chick Uniform

Badass Chick Uniform

To me, being a badass chick means being prepared for just about anything. In San Francisco, that means a warm scarf and jacket for layering and a stylish messenger bag to stash hair ties, small purchases, and my trusty DSLR. Converse sneaks make me feel like I can take on the world – or at least, the intense hills – and my omnipresent Moleskine for when inspiration strikes. Or when I need to write down some clues, Nancy Drew-style.

Shopping information below.

Long sleeve top
$40 –

Gap jacket
$45 –

Old Navy rock jeans
$35 –

Converse trainers
$54 –

Marc jacobs bag
$1,150 –

Burberry shawl
$395 –

Dorothy Perkins headbands hair accessory
$7.50 –

Moleskine Pocket Plain Hard Cover Notebook
$12 –

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