Icon: Jane Goodall

This week has spurred some serious thought about awesome women. From strangers, to my friends, to sorority sisters to fictional characters who amaze and entertain, there are so many icons who inspire us.

One of my favorite moments, ever, in my entire life, was meeting the fiercely intelligent and wonderfully quirky Dr. Jane Goodall. The world’s foremost primatologist and conservation champion gave a lecture during my senior year of college, and I had the privilege of interviewing her before her speech. What she said that day, and what has resonated with me for several years now, was her hope for the future and the power of humanity to do the right thing, to stand up for what we believe, and to change the world.

I also will never forget her impersonation of a chimp in front of an audience of thousands! What a wonderfully wise lady.

Who is your icon? 

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