Runway to Real Life: NYFW Trends, part 1

Even though we’re just getting into beautiful warm weather in San Francisco, all the Fashion Week coverage is spurring my excitement for Spring. Sadly, the Spring in my head (Tulips! Bunnies! Satiny Shoes!) doesn’t exactly coincide with the Spring of my life (Rain! Rain! Trudging places uphill! Did we mention it’s going to rain?!) so I thought it would be helpful to put Fashion Week’s beautiful trends into context that makes sense for a Northern California lady’s lifestyle. Every damp, yet sparkly moment of it.

Trend #1: BIG pops of color (especially yellow!)

J.Crew, Badgley Mischka, Naeem Khan, Vera Wang, Jason Wu

When I think basics, I think really basic: jeans, khakis, black ballet flats or a crisp white tee or oxford. Maybe a bright necklace here or a dash of lipstick there, but basic has always been synonymous with blah. Luckily, what we’re seeing on the runway and on the cusp for next year is that ensembles can still be beautifully simple without being boring whatsoever. Case in point: using big, bright colors – especially yellow! – to anchor an outfit while still keeping it light. Instead of a bright necklace, bright pants. In place of a fun scarf, taking things a step further with a bright dress and even brighter heels.

But in San Francisco (or anywhere the weather is less than Audrey Hepburn’s perfect Paris in Funny Face), it’s hard to sacrifice beautiful heels to rain, or hide a beautiful sundress under layers of sweaters and jackets. Instead, think how to externalize the trend and make it work for you: sunny rain boots, a bright umbrella, or fun tights.

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