The Big Sleep

The Big Sleep

I am particular about my bed. And my PJs, the temperature of my room, my sheets, and pretty much everything else pertaining to my sleep. My boyfriend says I have an affinity to my bed that normal people don’t have, and it’s been suggested to me numerous times that I probably love my bed way, way too much.

I’m in bed as I type this.

But if we humans spend a third of our lives in bed, shouldn’t we look fabulous and feel amazing for that third? My sleep requirements include soft fabrics, broken-in sheets, a cup of peppermint tea before bed, and a beautiful sleep mask that keeps the light out and lets me sleep in. Even if it’s just for a glorious five extra minutes.

Zoe karssen scoop neck tank
$71 –

J Crew cotton tank
$55 –

Organic by John Patrick slimming top
$70 –

Bodas pajamas
$84 –

Calvin Klein underwear
$39 –

Burberry Brit modal sleepwear
$125 –

Burberry brit
$125 –

J Crew sheer pajamas
$50 –

Cashca Cashmere eye mask
$20 –

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