Welcome Fall

Happy October everyone! October is, hands down, my favorite month of the year. Crisp air, leaves changing, woolly sweaters, college football, early morning runs and long days spent writing in coffee shops. And, of course, baking and blazers and boots and other stylish, gourmet activities!

Last October I was preparing for a trip to London and Paris with my best friend. If you have never road tripped through the French countryside, listening to a mix of Edith Pfiaf and Rhianna, eating Twizzlers and laughing until you cry, you should try to check that off your list.

This Fall is a trip to New York, some Broadway, some great food, and a weekend with best friends. We might not have Twizzlers, but we’ll have an amazing time, that much is sure.

This week: fireside chic, Fall music and movies to create the perfect Autumn ambience, and a pumpkin cookie recipe that’ll knock your adorably woolen and seasonally appropriate socks right off. Right off, I say!

What are you doing for Fall?


Image via the very pretty sundaycrossbow.blogspot.com

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