A General Malaise

Do you ever just feel blah? Like, come home from work and curl up into a comfy place at 6 p.m. and don’t climb out until the next morning blah? My favorite episode of This American Life is a show called Road Trip! (exclamation point included). It features, among many hilarious tales, a story with the phrase “a general malaise” and it cracked me up when I heard it, because it was the perfect expression of that feeling we all get sometimes. Nothing is wrong, but nothing seems particularly right either, and indifference reigns: about commitments, relationships, what to eat, wear, do, and even about whether or not to get up in the morning. So, pretty much the entire world. Yes, all of it.

If you think I sound like an anti-depressant commercial, you can rest assured, I will not be posting any photos of myself (shot through a color filter so everything is that slightly blueish, extremely depressing tone) crying in a chunky sweater in an isolated, Northwest-esque landscape, or video clips of myself looking murderously at my dog. We’re at least ten years and a few kids away from that amount of panic. Besides, I don’t have a dog to murder, and if I felt like getting all homicidal up in here, I’d definitely take out the frat boy neighbors first.

I kid! Sorta!

But seriously – I’d love to know – do you ever get the general malaise? How do you fight back?


Image via The Steward

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