Easy Halloween costumes

If you’re like me, Halloween is for passing out candy to adorable neighborhood children, or perhaps an excuse for a cocktail party with seasonal drinks. Aaand that’s about it. Dressing up went by the wayside in college, when you couldn’t just be a nurse, you had to be a sexy nurse. Or a sexy nun, a sexy firefighter, a sexy kitten, or a sexy hobo. Yes, I once saw a (fake) sexy hobo. San Francisco is a strange place. My point is: who needs dressing up?

This year, however, I will be in NYC and dressing up is apparently mandatory. Because of that, I’ve been been remembering costumes past, and I thought I’d share my three favorite go-to costumes that are cheap and super easy to pull together, no matter where you are, whether dressing up is mandatory or not.

1. Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany’s – Do you have a black dress? Some big sunglasses? A few chunky necklaces, pearl or gemstone? Then you’ve got this costume in the bag. Sweep your hair into a quick chignon (shellack it into place if you have to) and top it with a small tiara and some black elbow gloves. Eat a croissant if you feel compelled. Stare longingly into the distance. Done.

2. A Tiffany Box – Same theme, different take. If you have a little sundress (or any kind of dress) anywhere on the spectrum of light blue to a nice teal, then tie on a giant white ribbon headband, add some sparkly jewelry and call it good. That weirdly colored homecoming dress will thank you for wearing it again, and you will look adorable.

3. Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge – I’m sure every brunette has already considered this option, and why shouldn’t you? A dark blue dress (a la the engagement announcement) and a $13 replica of the royal engagement ring are all you need to channel the world’s most fashionable royal.

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