A Formula for Fabulous

After a long day, I will be the first to admit that I lose motivation very quickly. A long run turns into a short bike ride or yoga in the living room (maybe) or…nothing. A delicious dinner turns into carrots and hummus, eaten while standing. A long freelance writing project turns into reading for ten minutes and conking out.

But the more comfortable I’ve become – in the kitchen, in my closet, in my own life – I have found there are sneaky little ways of going halfway, when halfway is all you can do. And it’s less about specifics, and more about a formula.

For example, this formula of Kate’s. It’s genius! My edition turned out to be linguine, spicy salami, manchego, and kale, and it came together in five minutes. Five minutes! You can’t do anything in five minutes. Except make this delectable dish. As long as you follow the formula, you’ll be fine, and there’s freedom to switch things up along the way. How divine.

I’m loving this idea – a formula for something fabulous – and it’s something I’m excited to explore in the next few months!

Do you have anything like this? A fail-safe formula for getting something done? Pulling something off? Getting something from zero to great, that works every time? I would love to know!

Image found here.

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