Shameless Self Promotion + A Thank You Very Much

So, as mentioned, I was in a concert on Saturday night. No big.

What? The cello, you say? Was I in a beautiful gown, tickling the ivories? Backup singer for Coldplay?

Mmmm, no.

Confession time: I am in a vocal group. An a cappella group, specifically. At first, I was a little shy of telling people. It’s basically like Glee for grown-ups, and while I think that is awesome, I was slightly nervous that people would judge the fact that I spend every Monday night rocking out hardcore and making sounds that sound vaguely like a guitar, and also, sometimes doing the robot. Like so:

But here’s the thing: we kinda brought down the house on Saturday night (first standing O in Loosie history!) and it felt amazing to be back onstage, and to finally perform for friends and family.

I know this has absolutely nothing to do with food or style or San Francisco or any of the other reasons you might come here, but if you’re reading this and you came on Saturday, then I love you forever and appreciate your support!

Okay, now let’s all go talk about leggings or something.


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