New York Eating

Coming from THE foodie city, I am always a little skeptical of rave restaurant reviews. I challenge anyone to find better Asian fusion than Burma Superstar, or a more delicious deep dish pizza than Little Star. Heck, even our food trucks are worthy of a Zagat rating. The Indian burrito at Curry Up Now will blow your freaking mind.

That being said, even though New York is New York, the alleged center of the universe of all things awesome and hip, I was still like, “Whatever New York. Show me your goods, because I’m prepared to be unimpressed, no pressure. Bring it.”

And bring it, NY did. I was even able to indulge in my insane pumpkin obsession in some new and surprising ways, for which I give NYC some extra points. Points I wish I could trade in for an Indian burrito now that I’m home. Too bad it doesn’t work like that.

{Pumpkin and salted pretzel fro-yo at Momofuku Noodle Bar}

{Salty, lemony oysters at The Mermaid Inn}

{Top notch spicy hot dogs on the street}

{Pumpkin tempura at Hane Sushi Bar}

{Ricotta, sausage and broccoli pizza at John’s Pizzaria}

{Classic skinny latte at Joe: The Art of Coffee}

{Pumpkin scones at Alice’s Tea Cup}

{Embarassingly tasty pumpkin donuts at Dunkin Donuts}

What’s your favorite restaurant? And why? Let’s talk food, people!

2 thoughts on “New York Eating

  1. cruey says:

    sometimes i get sad that dunkin’ donuts doesn’t exist on the west coast. then i realize that if it did, i would be getting coffee there every day. EVERY DAY. and four barrel might go out of business. jk. (but not really jk)


    • Hilary says:

      My roommate actually just brought home a bag and I’m so excited to try it out tomorrow morning!

      If we had a Dunkin Donuts I think the grocery store might lose my business. It’s entirely possible I’d substitute broccoli with donuts. Like, often.


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