SF vs. NY: Lady Edition

Admit it: we’ve all got a bit of a lady crush on someone. For me, it’s the Duchess of Cambridge (obsessed), the First Lady (doubly obsessed!) and now, the women of New York. Like Parisiennes, I found the women of New York to have a definite look and style. While Parisian women are all about feminine polish and an understated, classic look, New Yorkers are fierce, functional, and trendy in comparison to California’s laid back style. So, who wins?

Ladylike bags vs. satchels and totes: Because public transit in NYC is so stellar, I imagine New Yorkers can scoot home between work and the gym, or to touch up before a night out. Ergo, they trot around all day with beautiful – and miniscule! – handbags. In SF, buses take so long, it’s best to bring everything with you when you leave in the morning which, while practical and bicep-building, does make us look a little bit like sherpas with our GIANT purses. Point: New York

Black vs. Crazy Colorful: Let’s be honest – San Francisco is known more for our hippie chic than our haute couture. But, for all our crazy colors and mismatched style, the basic black uniform can be both intimidating and boring. I’ll take SF style any day, even if we do look more bohemian than Balenciaga. It’s part of our charm. Point: San Francisco.

Pulled back buns vs. beachy waves: Maybe it’s the proximity of the beach, or maybe it’s the weather, but I rarely have cause to do my hair. The humidity brings out my natural curls and the rain dampens any attempt at styling, so it’s best to work in a dollop of shine serum and let my beachy waves do their thing. The women of New York have to contend with heat, rain, snow, wind, and all the breakage that comes with trucking around the city all day, which probably explains why I saw so many perfect ponytails, polished buns, and close crops. While I love a low-maintenece routine, it would be nice to get dressed up and actually do my hair for once – even if it’s going to go under an adorable hat. Point: tie.

Which city is more stylish to you? Who wins?

Images via The Sartorialist, from both SF and NY

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