Friday Scraps

{Better for you bruschetta – the perfect snack!

Whole wheat toast, cottage cheese, spinach/basil, cherry tomatoes, evoo/balsamic drizzle}

. Awesome stop motion music video recommended to us by boyfriend Nathan. Thank you, boyfriend!

. Cute!

. Currently inspired by snuggly things, misty days, and menswear, or so it seems.

. An interesting look at the ladies behind the funny.

. Making a trial run of these this weekend! Will they be good enough for GSG readers? Time will tell. Actually, I will tell, since I’ll be doing the tasting.

. Hilarious! Also, my dream photo shoot come true!

This weekend is all about parties and playing! I’m excited for dinner and singing with the ladies, and a pre-Thanksgiving Thanksgiving feast with dear friends – the first holiday party of the season!

What are you up to? Is it awesome?

Thank you so much for all the comments and follows this week! You made my days.

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