Brussels Sprouts

I was seriously pondering putting up a picture of a turkey, but then I was all, “How cliche is that?” Plus, it’s been years since I’ve actually eaten a piece of turkey on Thanksgiving.

Then I thought about a photo of some beautiful, sparkly cranberry jelly, and I almost felt sick to my stomach, because, yes, it’s true: I am one of those creepy people who prefer cranberries from a can. No matter how hard my grandmother works to make her cranberry sauce every year, God bless her, I will not eat it.

Instead, for this week, when it will be all food, all the time on GSG, I thought I’d put up a picture of my favorite thing to eat on Thanksgiving: brussels sprouts. Tradition be damned, this oft-maligned, frequently mis-prepared vegetable is my very favorite thing to eat at holiday gatherings. Olive oil, kosher salt, lots of pepper and garlic, and a little bit of pecorino shaved over the top at the end and wowza. You’ll love it.

What are you most excited about eating this week? I’d love to know!



. One stalk of brussels


. Kosher salt

. Ground pepper

. Head of garlic, though you’ll probably not use it all

. Pecorino or parmesan, if desired


1. Cut the sprouts free of the stalk, and then cut the rough bottoms off. Halve them longitudinally, or like you’d cut an avocado, not an orange.

2. Rub EVOO into the flat sides of the sprouts, while also heating a glug of EVOO in a big, flat skillet with a lid.

3.  Put the sprouts into a large bowl once they’ve been EVOO’ed and coat them with salt and pepper. As mentioned in every post, I LOVE pepper, so I will say that you should pepper liberally, but use your best judgement according to your personal pepper preferences.

4. Once the skillet is nice and hot, put the sprouts flat side down in the pan, reserving any outer leaves that have come off in the EVOO process. You’ll definitely want to cook those too, just not at first, or they’ll get too crispy and black.

5. Lid the pan and let the sprouts roast anywhere from 5 – 10 minutes. Keep monitoring them and checking the undersides. Once they start carmelizing and turning golden brown on the bottoms, you can start to flip them over.

6. Lightly oil the leaves and add them to the pan, along with the garlic cloves. I would probably use five-ish garlic cloves, but again, do what you’d like. The sprouts will start to pop and expand, which is exactly right. Once the outsides start to have some char marks, you’re all done!

7. Dump the whole mess into a bowl and shave some pecorino or parm over the top. I have also put a dash of balsamic over these, in lieu of cheese, and that was great, too. Either way, you have warm, crunchy, savory sprouts that will be a highlight of your table.

Eat them right away! These are not great cold, so rally those troops! 

4 thoughts on “Brussels Sprouts

  1. Hanna says:

    Delicious! Next time you’re here we must go to Steuben’s and get their brussels sprouts…they a lot more fried than yours are, but yummmmm….


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