Whipped Potatoes

You read that right, whipped. Like naughty school children in the days of yore. I’m over mashed potatoes. I didn’t know it until last weekend, but mashed potatoes are dead to me now.

Remember when I started this blog? And I was all about embracing imperfections and accidents and horrible cooking, because it happens? Yeah. So, that’s been happening a lot lately. For instance, when I made these, my hand mixer died. Right in the middle. Oh joy. And on the evening of Friendsgiving last Saturday, I found myself about an hour short of the time needed to properly boil six pounds of potatoes. So I did what any good cook would do: panic.

I didn’t boil long enough, I didn’t boil fast enough, and I didn’t mash nearly thoroughly enough. I didn’t measure, I just threw butter and cream at the problem (like that ever solves anything) and ended up 45 minutes later, standing at my stove, sweaty and near tears, potato masher in one hand, giant spoon in the other, with buttery smears of pepper on my forehead and a big ol’ pot of something I’d never want to serve to anyone. With a broken hand mixer and a sorry excuse for biceps, what’s a girl to do?

I put a lid on it, hopped on the bus, and hoped that the hosts would have a solution to my problem, and low and behold. They did. Never mind the awkwardness of sitting on the bus with a steaming pot of potatoes, slightly wet because of the rain. Because in my disheveled state, I discovered whipped potatoes. Worth it.

We transferred the lumpy mess into the 11-cup food processor, added a bit more cream, and hit play. Within five minutes, I had a bowl of buttery, creamy goodness that tasted better than any mashed potatoes I’ve ever had. These were the potatoes of my life. Full of air and fluff, they were beloved by all.

And you will love them too. And no need to panic about it – I’ve taken care of all that for you. You’re welcome.


*Note, this recipe serves six, because most people don’t need to make potatoes for 20. If you do, triple it! And leave yourself a lot more time than I did. Be ye not so stupid. Or be ye late to the party. Up to you.


. Two lbs. russet or red potatoes

. 1.5 cups cream or half and half

. One stick of butter

. Salt and pepper

. A food processor


1. Boil your potatoes in salty water, 15-20 minutes

2. Drain well, and then put them back into the warm pot

3. On low, add half the butter and salt and pepper, to taste, and use your masher to break up the big chunks

4. Remove everything from the pot and put it into the food processor, adding in the cream, remaining butter and more salt and pepper a little at a time.

5. When peaks form and your potatoes look like restaurant potatoes, you’re done.

Eat and enjoy!

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