The Wisdom of Hugh

“Keeping writing down one list, and one list only…the five things you love to do and the five things you are good at. They will keep changing, but one day, they’ll match up. There is your path. And even then, keep writing your list. Just to make sure you are still on the right track.”

– Hugh Jackman’s letter to his younger self, from Dear Me

So, not only is Hugh Jackman a total fox, he also has an awesome idea to help you figure out your life.  And by that I mean, my life. Because who can’t use a little help with that, am I right? Right. Who knew Hugh was so wise?

I’m going to write down my five and five this weekend. You guys?

Photo of Hugh Hot McHotterson found here. Now might be the time to mention my deep love for Hugh Jackman. Yes. 

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