A Spring In Your Step

Remember when you were little and your mom took you for your summer haircut? That glorious feeling of weightlessness, combined with bouncier curls and exposed neck, meant anything was possible and the summer stretched out before you like a boundless green field.

Now that the holidays are over and San Francisco is in the middle of an uncharacteristically warm January, I am finding myself in a very Springy state of mind. I’m noticing the small details of a blooming floral print, delicate make-up, a short haircut, and longing for the feeling of sun on my arms and sandals on my feet.

Alas, the rains are on their way, and we’re several months from truly warm weather, so what’s a girl to do? Put a spring in her step, no matter what.

This Style Set integrates some of those beautiful Spring details right now, while still enabling you stay warm and not look like an idiot on the streets for not knowing what season is really is. Bring on the haircut!

A Spring In Your Step

Oasis floral dress
$35 – oasis-stores.com

Wet seal
$40 – wetseal.com

TopShop black tight
$24 – topshop.com

H&M ballet shoes
$7.99 – hm.com

Vintage jewelry
$2,280 – stylebop.com

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