Pea Pesto

The other night, my friends come over for dinner and I made it. Then, I needed something to zuzsh up some pasta salad, so I added it. Then, last week, Joanna came over for a day of epic cookery, and we made it again.

There is no situation that cannot be made better by pea pesto. And that probably includes some emergency situations, or situations wherein you are not even eating. Like a tennis match, perhaps. Or maybe even a trip to Disneyland. I’m just saying. You won’t be sorry.

This recipe is the perfect blend of spicy garlic and smooth olive oil, which allows the freshness of peas to take front and center. Even when you use frozen peas (which I usually do) the Spring pea flavor bursts forth. It pairs deliciously with any shape of pasta, and is also a fabulous topping on crostini or as a dip for fresh bread. Also, possibly it’s most sterling feature, it takes about four and a half minutes to make. A maximum of 12 if you boil your pasta at granny pace. Which I know a lot about, as I do most things at granny pace. Running, biking, swimming, water boiling. Etc.

Anyway. This pesto is good. And delicious. And mostly healthy. And though I’ve never brought it down to Disneyland, I would consider it. Do mice eat peas?



. 3 cups frozen peas

. 2 tbs. parmesan cheese

. 1/2 tbs. salt

. 2 tbs. pine nuts

. 1-2 cloves of diced garlic

. glug of mild EVOO

. half cup of halved cherry tomatoes, if desired


1. Microwave the frozen peas in a bowl of water on high for three minutes, or on the stove top in boiling water, or use the same amount of fresh peas.

2. While the peas cook, put the water on for pasta.

2. Chop the garlic, then put all the ingredients in the Cusinart Mini-Prep or another food processor or blender and zoom zoom zoom!

3. Mix with the pasta and add in cherry tomatoes, if desired.


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