Jason Wu for Target

So, as everyone is likely aware, the Jason Wu Collection for Target dropped on Sunday. And by “dropped” we mean “landed upon Target stores like bundles of rations in a war-torn nation” such was the urgency and frenzy that ensued at the Targets in Northern California. The LA Times covered the fashion riots here.

As someone who willingly partook in the chaos, waking up at 6:30 a.m. on a weekend for the first time in a looong time, I feel I can attest to the madness.  And madness it was. I’m lucky I still have all my limbs – and an adorable new dress to boot! Here’s how it all went down:

After rousing my dear boyfriend (less willingly) out of bed far too early, I put on skinny jeans, leopard flats, a pale pink ribbon tank from J. Crew, and a ruffled blazer from H&M. Yes, only for a fashion collection would I dress up to go to Target. Early in the morning. Early. Did I mention, it was early? We navigated ourselves to a small Tar-jay on the peninsula and dashed inside at 8:02, brushing past all the sad fashionista already exiting the store, not willing to believe our eyes. After heading straight to the women’s section – boyfriend telling me to slow down, it was no big deal all the while – I arrived to see…absolutely nothing. Racks had been picked clean and women were circling around the empty racks with tears in their eyes, skinny little vultures wearing lots of mascara.

“Get back in the car!” I said to boyfriend, and we turned on our heels and dashed right back into the SUV and headed to the other, bigger Target across the highway.

After whipping crookedly into a parking spot, we raced in to the larger Target to find basically the same situation. Lines wrapped around the fitting room, and 12 sad shirts hung awkwardly on the rack, the few sizes that didn’t fit anyone there, or didn’t interest the eBay vultures. I picked up a blue tie shirt that would have looked cute with jeans and heels, but that paled in comparison to my true heart’s desire – the blue tea party dress.

As I rounded the corner in line, holding my second-rate treasure, a woman in a chair was watching her daughter twirl in the dress – my dress! – and also holding another blue dress in her lap.

“Yeah, that fits!” she said, as her daughter twirled. “We’ll take it!”

My eyes darted to the other blue dress, and back to the woman, then back to the dress.

“Excuse me, what size in that other dress you have there?”

“Oh, it’s a medium size. We weren’t sure which would fit.”

“Well, if you won’t be needing it, I’d love to try it on,” I said in my most helpful voice.

“Oh sure!” she said, glancing at her other daughter for verification. A quick shake of the head and the dress was in my arms. Much to the chagrin – and riotously angry glares – of allll the women behind me in line.

A quick twirl around assured me that, indeed, the tea party frock fit perfectly. And reader, I bought it. Opening nights, tea parties, weddings and casual lay-about-the-house-in-your-most-adorable-dress days, here we come!

Sorry ladies!

3 thoughts on “Jason Wu for Target

  1. Jen says:

    I love your determination! 🙂 I could only make a feeble attempt to wake up early and try snagging something online. No luck, of course.


  2. Hilary says:

    Thanks! It was sheer luck, I think. Either that, or the fashion gods truly wanted me to be the owner of said dress. To further encourage my 1950s housewife fantasies, perhaps?

    So excited for Parisienne night this week!!


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