It’s all in the (Ladylike) Details

While I was underwhelmed by most of last night’s Oscar fashion, I thought two people got it exactly right: Tina Fey and Emma Stone.

Tina, like Michelle Williams, had an adorable peplum dress that was both flirty and flattering, and her hair was basically Oscar Night Barbie, but in the most glamorous way possible.


Emma, on the other hand, went for all out drama with a touch of whimsy, in a deep wowza red with a giant bow, in contrast to Michelle’s bow, which was of the twee variety. Since she is a person of the twee variety, I suppose that’s okay, but I like my bows giant and up near my face area. And who doesn’t?

Sadly for Emma, all the websites and newsy people seem to be slowly and sadly putting her on the ubiquitous and dreaded Worst Dressed lists.  HuffPo UK is even calling her a “massive dress error.” Dislike.

What do you think? Do you dig the giant bow? The tiny peplum skirt? Do tell.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go tell Sandy the rest of her dress is finished and she can ditch the white t-shirt. Also, I’d like to slap the beige right off Kristen Wiig, but I fell asleep just looking at her.

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