Pea Pesto + Ricotta Crostini

Guys – I’m going to rock your world. Are you ready?

(Okay, fine, “rock your world” is perhaps a bit strong, and a phrase best reserved for mind-blowing chocolate cake, a great wine, and cirque du soleil – FINE.)

Guys – I’m going to tell you something fairly to moderately exciting. Ready, now?!

This appetizer. Is so simple. You can make the necessary components a few days before, use them for a dinner or two, and then make this appetizer with your leftover ingredients. Yes, leftovers as appetizers. I said it.

First, make a quick batch of pea pesto. If you have frozen peas and a handful of basic kitchens ingredients, you can whip this up in about five minutes. Pour it on pasta, gnocchi, or use it to coat roasted vegetables. Put the leftover in a jar and fridge it up.

Then, make some homemade ricotta. Spread it on toast and drizzle honey over the top for breakfast, or incorporate it into a platter of bruschetta (also an extremely easy dish).

Then, a few days later, bust out said leftover pesto and cheese, buy a $2 baguette at your local french bakery, and slice up some cherry tomatoes and top with balsamic vinegar and a crank of black pepper. E voila!

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