Chronicle Books Grand Opening

Last night’s Chronicle Books grand opening was so fun and fabulous. There is nothing I love more than a good bookstore – the smell of the pages, the hush of footsteps as people peruse the shelves, the joy of turning a book over in your hands – I’m so grateful there will be a great shop so close to my office.

I’d love to share a few photos from last night’s party, and again, encourage you to leave a comment here for the amazing Chronicle giveaway! There is nothing I love more than a good bookstore – except maybe some awesome bookstore things for free! Big, big thanks to Chronicle for such a sweet offer!

Carpe Diem…the cupcakes!

Lots of good reading happening already!

Fun friends at the bookshop!

This is a classic San Francisco trio: bikes, donuts, and an existential crisis!

One thought on “Chronicle Books Grand Opening

  1. Momma Davis says:

    After looking at the pictures on the blog and the website, I can hardly wait to get to Chronicle Books. I’m planning a trip to SF in the near future, and I WILL be stopping by. There are too many wonderful offerings to pick one from afar! I do have to admit that the Hand-Forged Doughnut book did jump out at me…


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