Friday Scraps

{Signatures Winery – Cabernet Franc}

. In defense of introverts is so wonderful and true.

. Real Housewives of the Magic Kingdom had me giggling.

. I ordered this dainty top, just in time for Easter! Thanks to A Cup of Jo’s fabulous ASOS promo 🙂

. Great advice, both for design and for life!

This weekend I’m looking forward to a cosy date night, a night on the town with my favorite sibling and his lovely girlfriend, and a Sunday afternoon of quiet. Reading, writing, tea, and quiet. Susan Cain makes a case for solitude, nature, and delving deeper (see the link about introverts, above), and those are comments I intend to heed.

Happy Weekend!

One thought on “Friday Scraps

  1. Momma Davis says:

    I loved all of your links this week. The TED talk about introverts was really interesting to me and it makes me think about school, and how many times I ask kids to work as a group before I give them time to think on their own. Hmmmm. No wonder manh kids have such a hard time thinking for themselves.


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