Number 1 Travel Tip

My number one travel tip is to always have vaseline. Weird, right? It seems like such an arbitrary item, but Vaseline helps dry hands and lips on the plane, it unsticks tire caps on bicycles when they need pumping up, removes makeup and markers from skin, and soothes pinched fingers that you may or may not slam into wrought iron gates in Budapest. I basically don’t go anywhere without it.

What’s your favorite travel tip? TELL ME.

I’m working on an amazing freelance project right now – that, of course, I can’t totally discuss yet – but I’d love to hear all your travel wisdom.

Thanks. You are such gems.

One thought on “Number 1 Travel Tip

  1. Hanna says:

    Your poor finger! I felt so bad. You are right about Vaseline. I always like to have my giant infinity scarf that can double as a little blanket. I’ve also been known to use it for shielding rain and wind.

    Oh yes, if you’re going to eat Sacher Torte on a hot day in Vienna, I also recommend a stash of migraine meds. Yuck.


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