Put a bird on it!

Kids. It’s really nice to be talking to you. Since last we spoke I have:

– moved into my own apartment

– gotten a new job

– de-boned my first duck

All of those things are true. Except for the duck. Because eewww. Duck is slimy (sorry, France.)

Speaking of ducks, have you ever heard D‘s favorite joke? Here goes:

Q: How is a duck like a bicycle?

A: They both have handlebars. Except for the duck.

That one gets me every time.

So, now that I have a new and awesome job, and now that I have moved into a little tiny place all by my onesie, I’m very excited to share the details in the upcoming weeks. And to start, a little sneak peek of the newest residents of my apartment:

My little place has been christened The Treehouse by my friends, because it’s very high up, and it’s in the trees! Bonus points for the ocean view and the insane cardio workout I get going up the 75 stairs every day.

Do come over and visit won’t you? The birds, and the ducks, and the owls, and the raccoons, and possibly even my crazy landlords would really love it if you did.

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