Bag Lady

If you are a city dweller, or a person who does not live with their significant other, or a person without a car – or perhaps a person in all three of these scenarios? – you’re a bag lady. You know it, I know it, and the people on the street who are in your boat know it. Your fellow sherpas give you a knowing, sympathetic glance as you trek down the street. Your gym clothes mingle with your date clothes and your work clothes, your toiletries are stuffed every which way, and it’s likely you’ve got a bottle of wine, a spare shoe, or a laptop somewhere in the mix.

What’s a sad sherpa to do? Hire an actual sherpa? Nyet. I tried that. Somehow, I could not find anyone who wanted to schlep my crap around for zero dollars. Weird.

Instead, invest in great bags that will hold up to the wear and tear of city life, and do double duty:

For Overnights and Day Trips:

Try Longchamp’s Le Pliage bag. THE perfect tote for a quick overnight (literally, one night) or a day away from the city. The heavy-duty nylon holds up to both toiletry spills and picnic ingredients gone awry, and it holds its shape despite being shoved in the back of a car or under a subway seat. Plus, it’s French. As everyone knows, if it’s French, it’s trés chic, oui? Oui!

For Office Runs and Puddle Jumper Flights:

Try the Capri laptop bag, from The Container Store. It’s lightweight, yet has pockets for all my cables and cords, plus just enough breathing room for a pair of noise canceling headphones, my beloved nook, and the smaller items on my flight checklist. I love the dusty gray charcoal color because it’s neutral without being bland.

For Workouts and Weekends:

Try the Lululemon Legendary Duffle. It’s huge – that much is certain – but if you need a place for mats, trainers, toiletries, and a weekend’s worth of clothes, this bag is it. Other yoga bags might work, but the quality sucks in comparison. This bag is worth the price, and you’ll use it for more than just the gym.

For Everyday City Life:

Try the Marc Jacobs Little Q crossbody bag. I’m obsessed with this purse, and it goes everywhere with me. It’s the perfect size for city life, and can handle a wallet, phone, keys, pens, gum, umbrella, five lip glosses, and sometimes even lunch without losing it’s silhouette. The leather is supple and the handle is giant, so you never have to fight to slide it onto your arm quickly; a major consideration for those of us who dash on and off of pub trans on a regular basis.

What’s your go-to bag? I’d really love to know!

Photo via my cute boyfriend, scarf and utility jacket via a trip to Paris, aviators from RayBan, sweet cheetah flats via Steve Madden.

Friday Scraps

{Dodging dinos after touching down in Toronto}

. Everyone’s excited for the Olympics – including our favorite royal trio.

. Lunch and wisdom.

. Pumped for this experience in two weeks!

. Putting these on my cocktail list ASAP!

Happy Friday! This weekend is my first back in San Fran after a whirlwind two weeks of weddings and work in both Colorado and Canada. I can’t wait to drink champagne, ride bikes, see the San Francisco Ballet at Stern Grove, and watch the Opening Ceremonies tonight! Who’s having an Olympics party? You are? Great – I’ll be there.

Summer in SF

Summer in SF

Paul Joe cardigan

J Crew vintage shirt

River Island black sandals
$47 –

Leather shoulder bag

Pendant necklace

Mango round sunglasses
$19 –
Casual, glam, with a hint of shimmer and with enough utilitarian elements (flats, shades, a roomy bag) to get through the day. I’m wearing this all summer.

Pre-Workout Tip

I hate eating before yoga or a run (hello rumbly tumbly!) but sometimes I am so ravenous it’s impossible to wait.

For a quick hit of protein and a burst of flavor, I halve an avocado and sprinkle salt and lemon juice in the divot created by the seed. It’s a delicious, quick way to get some protein into my system and tide me over until after the gym, when I can resume my normal schedule of giant salads and inordinate amounts of dark chocolate.

Try it!

Image via Pinterest

Friday Scraps

{Afternoon in Sonoma}

. Adoring this sculptural iPhone case.

. A little glitter goes a long way.

. Sweet, summer style inspiration.

. I am not busy!

We’re off to shuck oysters in Tomales Bay (a shuckin’ good time! Yes, shuck jokes! We’re makin’ ’em! And then double-apostrophizin’!) and then hitting up the county fair. I cannot wait to see what shenanigans are entailed in a county fair, but if deep fried Oreos are involved, you can bet I will be, too. Have a great weekend!

Grilled Mahi and Summer Salad

Summer is fabulous for so many reasons, . The weather is nice (for some of you), dresses are de riguer, and the produce is unbelievable. Even in SF, where the sun don’t shine* and the birds sing sad, cloudy songs, the farmer’s markets are busting out all over with the best, ripest fruits and veggies.

Confession, though: I don’t really like fruit. This is (seemingly) the weirdest, most shocking thing a person can say, because whenever I admit to my hatred of bananas or my general distrust of berries, I usually receive an incredulous “whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?!?!” from whomever has just had the misfortune, the horrid misfortune, to hear someone maligning Mother Nature’s sweet confections.

But recall, if you will, that I am a person who routinely eats giant bowls of Brussels sprouts for dinner, or servings of quinoa salad so large as to require a mixing bowl. No no, that quinoa salad isn’t for you. That whole thing is just for me, thanks.

I’m not unhealthy. I just have no use for blueberries in my everyday life. Nor my special occasion life. Blueberries, get outta. mah. face! And take your weird fruity friends with you.

When I do eat fruit, I like it to be comingling with my dear friends, the vegetables. That’s why this recipe is so perfect. It incorporates the sweetness of mango with the acid pop of heirloom cherry tomatoes, creamy ripe avocado, and sweet summer corn. Easy to assemble, minimal cooking required, and if your weather is nice, you can eat it outside in your dress. Or you can come to my house and we’ll eat it inside, in our cardigans.



– Two small Mahi Mahi filets

–  One large ear of corn

– One ripe avocado

– One cup cherry tomatoes

–  One ripe mango

– One jalapeño pepper

– One lime

– EVOO, S&P, red chile flakes, if desired


1. Cook the corn however you desire, either in a bowl of water in the microwave or on the grill. While it cooks, halve the cherry tomatoes, dice the mango, slice the avocado, jalapeño and lime. Depending on how much you like the jalapeño flavor, you may or may not want to put it all in. It’s absolutely no big deal if things are chopped/diced/cooked at the same time. Summer cooking is meant to be easy, and indeed, this recipe is.

2. Shear the kernels off the corn cob with a large serrated knife, and put them into a large bowl with the rest of the chopped ingredients. Garnish with salt, pepper, red chile flakes and a squeeze of lime right before serving.

3. Once the salad is assembled, heat a small swirl of EVOO in a large, flat skillet. Once heated, lay down your mahi filet, skin side down. Flavor the top liberally with salt and pepper and let it cook to the middle of the filet, about three minutes. You can see the filet turn from pink to white, so you can judge its doneness that way.

4. At the halfway point, flip the filet over, skin side up. Gently peel the skin off, discard, and season the other side. Again, let it cook to the middle, at which point you should have a finished filet.

5. Serve the filet with a generous helping of summer salad. And possibly a summery beer, like a saison or a sour.

{As an aside, you know when people say “You can stick it where the sun don’t shine!” and they are typically referring to an unkind, unladylike place? I now just imagine that place to be here, in San Francisco. So, consequently, I imagine all the things people would like to stick to be wandering the streets of SF, and realizing that “where the sun don’t shine” is so much more awesome than it was rumored to be.}