How to Miss A Foreign City

Sometimes, when it’s cold and rainy outside and I’ve been reading too much Hemingway (or reading too much about his wife numéro un) I start to think about – and really miss – Paris. What’s the weather like there right now? What are they up to? Is it rainy? Are the men strolling around with their chins out, cigarettes in hand, gesturing wildly? Or perhaps it’s market time, which means women are bumping their rolling carts down the cobblestones, looking impossibly chic while they can do it. Only a French woman can pull a grocery cart full of bread, fish, champagne and flowers and not look like a granny. Or a hobo.

When I miss a place, it’s typically a three step process to get out of the funk:

1. Locate some eye candy. Thank you very much, Pinterest.

2. Whisk myself away via a beautiful book or movie.

3. Ingest locationally-appropriate chocolate. In the case of Paris, it simply must be macarons!

For the record, the weather in Paris today is a balmy 75 and I plan to spend the rest of the day mentally strolling down the Seine. In reality, I will spend the day writing, watching Chocolat, and devouring a dark chocolate and marzipan Ritter Sport. Dreamy.

Heureux Jeudi, mes chéris!

More Paris porn here, and of course, even more posts about Paris. As always, inspiration and image-sourcing from Pinterest.

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