I Love a Charade

One of the perks of working from home is that I get to multi-task. Sometimes this is bad – as cold, neglected mugs of tea and half-watered plants can attest – but sometimes this is great, because that means inspiration is everywhere and can be acted upon at a moment’s notice. Case in point: today. Nothing cheers up a day of expense reports and provides sartorial inspiration like Charade.

What I love about this film, aside from the witty banter and beautiful Parisian scenes, is the color. More specifically, the lack of it. I love the dusty hues and drab walls, which let Carey and Audrey really pop in bright reds and stark whites. Her earrings twinkle and the lights seem to glow against neutral backdrops.

Stanley Donen was a genius, and his beautiful movie still seems fresh and relevant. To wit: Audrey’s big-buttoned jacket, ladylike chignon and, of course, a very classic pink lipstick. All are cropping up in modern iterations on Fall runways and new collections everywhere. Now that’s something to be inspired by.

Blazer, Zara
Lipstick, Chanel
Chignon, JB Reed Weddings, via GreyLikesWeddings.com

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