Livin’ La Vida Tiny: After, part deux

I grew up sharing a bathroom with my brother, then with three college roommates, then with 35 sorority sisters. In my Presidio house, there were four adults sharing one bathroom and we all got really good at the speed shower and the quick pee.

Yeah, I went there.

Now, blissfully, I have my own bathroom, chock full of hair products, fresh towels and back issues of Vogue. Still, it can be crowded with cosmetics and brushes, and stray bobby pins are somehow everywhere. In order to keep my tiny toilette feeling organized and feminine, I rely on a neutral palate, vintage organizer help, and tons of fresh-smelling Method cleaner.

Space Savers. It would be easy, but inefficient, to cram my built-in shelves full of products. These linen drawers from Target keep cosmetics and hair accessories compartmentalized and easy to access. Since I’m not allowed to paint, the neutral shade blends into the wall color nicely, to keep the room from feeling visually cluttered.

Cool Colors. Green is my favorite color, in all its varieties: vintage depression green, minty old Vespa green, and that pale blue-green of the Indian ocean when the tide goes out. I used Fieldcrest Luxury towels in Aqua Spill as a base color, and then added whites and neutral shades around it, with the occasional pop of bright teal.

Vintage Vessels. For small items, such as makeup brushes, cotton balls, and those rascally bobby pins, I employed my collection of vintage jars, canisters, and even my great-grandmother’s rose chintz tea cup, to keep everything organized. I also the vintage feel of French toile fabric, and I’ve had that laundry bag since college, so technically, it’s vintage, too!

I’d love to hear your organization tips! Bathroom or otherwise!

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