I have the incredible good fortune to be jetting off to Prague for work in two weeks. One never “goes” to Prague, mind you, nor does one merely “fly” there either. Around here, we jet. And I’m sure you do, too, you fabulous minx you.

When last I was in Prague, I was doing the post-college backpack through Europe thing with a very dear friend. We spent our days eating baguettes, drinking cheap beer, and while in Vienna, we inexplicably purchased one very, very expensive slice of cake. It’s amazing what you prioritize when you are recently educated and yet have absolutely no common sense, nor financial means. Bring on the fancy cake! Which, actually, should just be a life strategy, expense notwithstanding. When do you not want the fancy cake? Am I right? I’m right.

Due to the aforementioned cake eating and no common sense having, I’m quite sure there is a large portion of Prague that I missed the first time ’round. And aside from working and making time for dinner at the best vegetarian restaurant in the world ( you guys!), I do not yet have many plans in Prague.

Would you like to recommend some for me? Something you’ve stumbled on while jetting around the Internet, or perhaps, whilst jetting to actual Prague itself?

You know you do, you fabulous minx you.


2 thoughts on “Prague

  1. AMtraveltimes says:

    Prague was one of my favorite European cities I visited. I would suggested checking out the castle area, the John Lennon Wall, and also just the area around St. Charles Bridge. The night life there is also pretty exciting, so if you have the chance, I was suggest going to an underground bar or something of the like. I hope you enjoy Prague!!


    • Hilary says:

      @amtraveltimes –
      Thanks so much for visiting, and for the advice! That whole bridge area is truly so stunning, isn’t it? Can’t wait to see the castles all lit up at night!

      Your blog is lovely – thank you so much for stopping by mine!



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