MAC Master Class


A few weeks ago, I was fortunate enough to take a master class with MAC Cosmetics director of makeup artistry, Gregory Arlt.

Not only is Gregory rather hilarious and full of one-liners, but I was able to pick up some great tips and tricks for mah face. This is especially great since, if you know me, you know that my face area is typically treated to tinted moisturizer, cherry chapstick and a swipe of whatever drugstore mascara I am recently enamored with due to promises that said mascara will make my eyelashes look like delicate spiders or diamond-encrusted fairy wings or the eyelashes of someone – anyone! – with more awesome eyelashes than the ones I have. I essentially have the eyelashes of a wombat fresh out of hibernation (do wombats hibernate? What even is a wombat?* Things to google…) so I am especially susceptible to the bold claims** of the mascara industry. I am also susceptible to champagne at industry events and trainings. See?


Let’s move away from my wombat face long enough to discuss a couple of Gregory’s best tips, shall we?

1. Skin is canvas, prep accordingly. My skin is nearly as white as a canvas, so this really resonated. MAC Prep + Prime in Radiant Rose banishes the look of jet lag in about two seconds, and helps foundation and concealer stay on longer and better. No one is paying me to say this – I just paid to purchase it. It’s that good. I tested it out on my recent trip to Prague and my coworker exclaimed (really, she actually exclaimed) that I looked incredibly fresh and well-rested for having taken such a long flight. Joke is on everyone because I slept zero and felt like death. Ah, the magic of makeup.

2. Eyeshadow is best applied with the eyes open, like a queen looking down on her subjects. Not only do I love anything associated with royalty, but this makes so much sense. Why do we apply makeup to look awesome whilst our eyes are closed, if we’re going to run around all day with them open? Who here is Sleeping Beauty? No one? Yeah, me neither.

3. Always travel with black eyeliner. Especially because there is a strong likelihood it will travel anyway. Down your face. Reapply often! Enough said.

What are your best makeup tips or tricks?


*I have no intention of  finding out what a wombat is, it’s just a hilarious word. When writing things that are funny, the more funny words you incorporate, the better. Say it with me now…WOM BAT.

**Bold claims. Also known as lies, sweet Don Draper advertising lies.

4 thoughts on “MAC Master Class

  1. suaaddartistry says:

    Gregory Arlt is one of the masters in his field. I was lucky enough to sit in on Master Classes with terry barber and Balthazar (I forget his surname) and the Senior Artist from Ireland (forgot her name too, lol. Prob should goolge it…) It’s always such a treat to learn from people who are so far into their careers and truly feel that makeup is an art (which is ABSOLUTELY is). Thanks for sharing 🙂


    • Hilary says:

      Oh how cool!

      It absolutely was. It’s incredible what you can do with simple tools and formulas once you’ve been properly instructed! This was my first class, but I’ll definitely be interested in taking more.

      Thanks so much for the comment!


      • suaaddartistry says:

        Your welcome! I do hope you’ll post more about your experiences at another Master Class. Sometimes, it’s the simplest things that we forget and stare us right in the face until someone opens their mouth and you’re like “Ooooooh”, lol


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