London has some big events coming up: the birth of the Royal Fetus, the summer celebrations in honor of the queen’s birthday, because apparently the queen just gets to celebrate her birthday whenever she damn well pleases and call it a fancy name, and my impending arrival! Yes, all of Britain is eager to see me. Or maybe I’m just eager to see it… Either way, I’m lucky to be headed across the pond in just a few weeks.

On my last trip to London, I spent hours in the Tate, The V&A, and seeing shows at The National. This time, I have a few new items on the agenda:

. Playing tourist and taking a tour, because I almost never do

. Having an Audience with the queen!

. Wandering every floor of this magical place

. Strolling around on a foggy morning, steaming cup of builders tea in hand!


What are your London must-see and must-do activities? I’d love to know!

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