Tennis, Anyone?


We are leaving for London on Friday, and only yesterday did we put two and two together (or is that 15 and 15?) that the first full day we have in London is also the last full day of Wimbledon. After zero seconds of thought, we decided it was worth a try to get up insanely early and get into the people’s queue! It’s a lifelong dream of mine to attend Wimbledon, so we have to try.

Of course, one doesn’t just bop over to Wimbledon and swing in for a few hours – there’s a lot to it. Have any of you ever been?

So far, we know to bring layers, an umbrella, sunscreen, a book for waiting in line, and according to Pippa’s new Vanity Fair column, leave the stilettos at home. Little does Pippa know, I’ve actually banished all stilettos from my home.  Chuck Taylors and ballet flats have officially won any and all sartorial battles taking place below the ankles.

I’d love any advice about the tennis fortnight! And, of course, any other London tidbits and stories you have.

{Photo by Norman Jean Roy for Vanity Fair}

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