Genius Travel Tip

photo 2

While traveling, I like to walk a lot. And when you walk a lot, inevitably, you don’t want to be carrying a bunch of crap. It’s a core truth of both physics and shopping. Google it if you don’t believe me. To avoid any and all crap schlepping, I have a very tiny purse.

But, also inevitably, you see something you must have and then you buy that something, and then you are stuck carrying that something all the live long day because, of course, the something will not fit into your tiny purse. Must-have somethings never fit into tiny purses. This, also, is a law of physics.

What to do? Carry a large bag in anticipation of somethings? Not buy that something and regret for the rest of your days? NAY FRIENDS! I have a solution. And it is only $10.

Get thee to a J. Crew (or the internet) and purchase a BAGU bag. They fold up into a tiny square, fit easily into a tiny purse, and are ready and waiting to absorb up to 50 pounds of adorable something.

photo 1

If you don’t need them, they remain hidden in your tiny purse, not bothering you whatsoever. And when you need them, they will save the day. Bonus: they are chic enough to tote around and not feel like you are a bag lady. No offense, bag ladies with Internet access.

It’s impossible not to offend someone sometimes. This is not a law of physics, but a law of life. You heard it here first.

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