Street Style: London

What I love most about visiting other countries isn’t the food or the music or the museums – though I do love all of that, as my indulgence in fish and chips, Jamie Cullum, and many, many art museums last week can attest – but the fashion. I love seeing what women all over the world are wearing where they live, and I also love to see what looks and ideas I can steal and get away with back home.

London was rife with great summer fashion this week – especially since their recent heat wave made it impossible to stay covered up in those omnipresent trench coats! Below, some trends worth stealing and savoring for ourselves here in the states.

London loud print pants

Printed Pants

The London Look: The Brits are unashamed about wearing a big, bold printed pant about town. From students to stylish ladies who lunch, everyone was into this trend. I saw big landscapes, tribal prints, florals and ikat, to more subtle prints like stripes or polka dots, all the way down dainty swiss foulard and a light summer Chevron. For those ready to be bold, London-style, Topshop has tons of fun prints, like florals, Aztec, and animal print.

London print pants

Steal it Stateside: Not ready to be so bold? J. Crew has fabulous prints that are a touch more neutral, as in this lighter Liberty floral, or this bright (but not too loud!) Jacquard.

Images via Street Peeper (top) and The Telegraph (bottom)  

London silkscreen top

Photographic Tees

The London Look: Young London is all about photographic tees that represent their worldview, their ethos. Usually paired with distressed denim or high rise jorts. Yes, I just typed the word jorts. Somewhere seriously. That is a trend I still can’t get behind. I’m a square, don’t care. Some of my favorite tees said “wild” or “BE FREE!” or everyone’s seeming favorite (as it was everywhere) “NYC.” Londoners seem to be obsessed with New York.

London rocker tee

Steal it Stateside: To lady-up this trend, which is what I would do, you can find a beautiful floral or rep the homeland and pair it with a classic cardi and only-half-ironic pearl earrings and a delicate purse. And Chuck Taylors. Because always.

Images via Vogue (top) and LDNFashion (bottom)

London peter pan collar

Ladylike Detailing

The London Look: Just because K-Mid is out of sight yet clearly not at the Lindo Wing even though the entire world is waiting for her to get on with it already, including certain Americans who dragged their boyfriends past said Lindo Wing multiple times last week. Harumpf… doesn’t mean her style influence isn’t still being felt and translated to the streets. Small handbags, nude heels and Peter Pan collars on shirts and dresses are still du jour across the city. Even with last week’s heat wave, sundresses were showing fluttering hems similar to Kate’s Alice Templerly tour dress, and many a tiered ruffle dress that were possibly inspired by this Temperly London dress, aka, Kate’s much beloved Wimbledon ensemble from two years ago.

Kate nude pumps

Steal it Stateside: for those of us who live in cold climes, dainty collars are still an adorable choice on sweaters, shirts, and dresses. Dorothy Perkins has some especially beautiful and breezy tops with interesting, ladylike collaring.

For summer weddings when the weather warms up, a great pair of nude heels (and accompanying Dr. Scholl’s inserts) can still always carry you through any number of unfortunate bridesmaid dresses, or until they shut down the dance floor! I’m still loving my pair from Nine West, which look similar to these.

Images via Modastation (top) and PA News wire via (bottom)

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