How to Refinish a Dresser, part 2: Prep Rally


So! You found your street dresser (or coffee table or regular table, or cabinet, etc) and now you are going to refinish it! Great. First things first, put it into your garage or covered patio, pour some wine, and consider your options. We found our dresser late at night, so it was too late to do anything, but even if it weren’t, it’s great to just look at the piece for awhile and try to see what you might do. Bust out the Domino book, scour design blogs and Pinterest. Get inspired! Also, talk to your significant other if, perhaps, you get a crazy notion into your noggin like painting the top a strange shade of Grecian blue that you’re just really into that day. Your significant other will likely talk you out of it, and that will be useful for your dresser’s longterm likability as well as your own.

If you are me, you will do this pondering for a day or so, have a fling with Grecian blue, make a dresser inspiration board from beautiful internet dressers (above) and then decide to just paint it white because that is my default and I think most things look better painted white. Or, you might be you, which is awesome, and you might do something like this or this with your dresser, and that would be awesome and ambitious of you. Go you.

Once you have drunk that wine and made that plan, then you can go to the hardware store. At the minimum, you will need the following:

1. A power hand sander. A 1/3 finish sander is great for refurb projects.

2. Primer

3. Roller handles and foam rollers

4. Trays and drop cloths

5. Steel Wool

6. Paper towels

7. A screwdriver, usually phillips head

8. Small hammer

Go to the hardware store, and then come back, and then we’ll do this thang!

Dresser Inspiration via:
Top L-R: Bright & Bold, Michaela Noelle Designs, TenJune 
Bottom L-R: Creative Raisins, CooCoo, Migonis Home  

PS – how to refinish a dresser part one and part three!

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