Frankie says RELAX


Often, it feels like the only things worth doing are big things. Going out on the town! Getting on a plane! Exploring! Adventuring! We do this pretty well. Which is great, but it does sometimes leave me feeling that, not only do I not understand what it means to be zen, I don’t even know how to spell zen.

Articles like this have only confirmed that I may be correct in my concern.

Instead, N and I are working on a new skill. A lil’ thing called “relaxing.” Perhaps you’ve heard of it? We’re not great at it. Having nothing on the calendar seems weird. Just spending the afternoon reading a book is almost an exercise in anxiety these days. The 8-year old me would have (and did) relish days like that. I spent entire summers doing nothing but that, then marching back into school, with a list of the 300 books I had read, wondering what the heck other people did all summer where there were so many books to read and so many trees to sit underneath.

Oh, how times have changed.

We are working on being more spontaneous. Planning not weeks out, but days, even hours. Minutes. Want to come over for coffee? I’m free.

And personally, I am working on cultivating the spirit of zen.

No plans? No problem. ZEN.

This thing did not go according to plan? ZEN.

You have an issue? I do not. Because ZEN.

I’ll let you know how it goes.


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