Stopping to smell the everything

Life lately has felt a little chaotic. Since Thanksgiving, I’ve been traveling in what feels like a nonstop fashion, and with both wedding planning and novel writing clipping right along, this week seems like a great time to keep working on cultivating zen. To eat dinner slowly, to breathe deeply, and to yoga often. To leave the phone at home. To stop and savor the little pleasures of life.

Here are some of life’s little pleasures lately. I hope you’re having a wonderful week!

photo 1

{Making a batch of pickled carrots, in anticipation of beloved weekend visitors and Bloody Mary brunches!}

photo 2

{Doing a little Roy G. Biv action on our newly DIY’ed bookcase. My devotion to Roy may or may not be in contrast with my love for Library of Congress-style organizing. We’ll see who wins…}

photo 3

{Baking strawberry muffins with my sweet little sister, the genius behind Joy Rising Bakery}

photo 4

{Remembering my favorite orchid from Singapore’s National Orchid Garden}

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