Menu Planning – March 17

Our menu a few weeks ago was a real winner, if I do say so myself. It’s helpful to plan your menus around something, to save on ingredients and to make sure you don’t waste anything. This week, I realized that I’d pinned quite a few recipes that called for tomatoes and basil, so it made sense to group them together this week and buy a lot of both. Once we got to Berkeley Bowl and saw the heirloom tomatoes, it was really easy to execute on this bad boy. Also, any week that involves a lot of tomatoes and basil is a good week. Add dark chocolate + wine and that’s pretty much all you need to eat ever again. You heard it here first!

The other tip from this week is to make at least one dish that will freeze well. This particular week, it was the enchiladas. Le fiancé is an excellent cook, but it’s hard to cook for one. With two big work trips coming up, he’ll be kitchen solo, so I love to leave things in the freezer for him. I also love that that means he’ll do stuff for me later, like back rubs, laundry and putting up with me when I wear the same hoodie and dirty yoga pants for two straight days and walk around our apartment muttering about “the caterers, THE CATERERS!” He’s a gem. A gem deserving of many enchiladas.

SundayBerkeley Bowl Panzanella (made 3 hearty servings)

MondayColorado Enchiladas (made 6 hearty servings)

TuesdayShakshouska (3 servings)

Wednesday – Baked Mahi + Herbed Vegetables (2 servings)19

Thursday – Bruschetta (appetizers for 6)

Friday – Mushroom Risotto (4 normal servings)

Heirloom Tomatoes
Cauliflower – 1 head
Flour tortillas
Cream cheese – 2
Heavy Cream – 1 pint
Coffee creamer
Pecorino/Romano grated cheese
Frozen chicken breasts
Mahi filets
Jar of green tomatillo salsa/verde
Veggie broth
Table wine – 4 bottles
Apple cider vinegar

Print me! Weekly Menu – March 17

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