Weekly Menu: June 16

2014-05-19 21.40.53-2

Summer is upon us! That means this week is all about fresh herbs, tons of veggies, and lightness. Bonus points if you get to eat outside. We don’t, because we live where summer = frigid arctic temps. Still, that can’t stop me from stuffing my face with all kinds of summer produce.

This week is also all about using our resources smartly! I’ll be traveling two days this week, so I am all about trying to figure out how we can maximize ingredients and meals so N doesn’t have to cook for one while I’m gone. He can cook for himself certainly – he’s a highly evolved man who knows his way around a skillet – but when left to our own devices, we each retreat back our single eater/single person behaviors: one of us eats eggs and watches Dexter episodes and the other of us might eat popcorn in bed for dinner and watch Call The Midwife on Netflix and cry their eyes out. Ahem.

(But seriously, are you watching Call The Midwife? It’s THE best show on television. No, SERIOUSLY.)

The only downfall from this week’s menu is that it’s more meat-heavy than I usually prefer. Normally we try for the reverse ratio – two or three meat dishes as opposed to just two veg dishes. I’ll make up for that by eating veg while on my business trip Tuesday and Wednesday, but you could work around that by leaving chicken out of a salad or going out to a veg restaurant when you eat out.

Here’s this week’s menu:

SundayNew York Times Green Goddess Chicken

Monday – Chickpea Curry (V)

Tuesday – Chili from the freezer (V)

Wednesday – Salad with shredded leftover Green Goddess Chicken

ThursdayMark Bittman’s Chicken Yakisoba

Friday – Date night to the San Francisco Symphony

Saturday – Grilled Mahi + Edamame Mint Salad


Grocery List:

Whole chicken cut up

Frozen edamame

Basil – one cup

Chives – /25 cup


Scallions – 2 bunches








Greek yogurt







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